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Friday, 29 February 2008

Fri 29 feb 08

Hi All
trained at 4.15pm chest/shoulders/triceps really good one up on log book all round
Coming in good for my comp still holding at 185 lbs with less body fat
1 All out set of pec deck flys
Decline chest press
Extreme stretch
Upright rows
Extreme stretch
1 All out set of side delt raises
Tricep pushdowns lat bar very wide grip
Extreme stretch
90% Shoulder cure
Music Prince

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thurs 28 Feb 08

Hi All
Legs trained at 4.15pm super session
Calves rock n burn,s
Stiff leg dead lifts
Leg Extensions
Extreme Stretch
90% Shoulder cure
Music trance

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tues 26 Feb 08

Hi All
trained at 9.30am early one today as since Friday been busy with the folks I coach and will be all week they all seem to be getting ready for their various sports
Pulldowns wide grip to the front
BB-Dead lifts
Ex Stretch
1 Arm precher curls
1 All out set hammer curls
Ex SStretch
90% Shoulder cure
Music Guns N Roses
Good work out up on wt and reps and my shoulder is getting beter

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday 24 Feb 08

Hi All
what is it with Sunday's never feel like training and go amd have a really good work out
Trained at 11am at Fitness 1st Exeter
Pec deck flys
Seated chest press
Extreme stretch
Seated shoulder press
Seated side delt laterial raises
Extreme stretch
Tricep dips on Life fitness machine ace bit of kit that
Extreme stretch
Rear delts on pec deck save doing them Tuesday as the machine at Fit 1st is far better than the one I have
Girls out numbered the guys again about 6 to 1 makes me train harder when there is that amount of females about

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Thurs 21 Feb 08

Hi All
trained at 4pm Calves and Legs
D/C calves
Standing leg curls
Extreme Stretch
90% Shoulder cure
Music Meltalia
Good work out
Both me and training partner were a bit tired so are not training tomorrow be back on Sunday at Fitness 1st Exeter

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Tues 19 Feb 08

Blog readers trained today at 4.35pm Back/Biceps
1 all out set of Pullovers 70 reps
Pulldowns to front close grip
Dorian Row,s
Extreme Stretch
Wide grip bicep cable curls
1 all out set of Hammer curls across the chest one arm at a time
Extreme Stretch
90% Soulder cure 50 reps
Music Trance
Very good work out those few day,s off did me good,up on the log book reps and wt

Friday, 15 February 2008

Thurs 14 Feb 08

Hi All
trained at 3.30pm nice and steady medium to heavy wt just to get the blood pumping

Low incline press

Sholder press to front in the Smith

Reverse grip tricep press

90% Shoulder cure

Good w/out now for 4 days off training be back Tuesday
Only 1 pic today and from now on none till 4 weeks time when in better shape
Music Led Zep
Well done Denise Nicole AKA Seasiren on competing at the Arnold Classic
This is the show I am competing in not as big as the Arnold but not far off

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tues 12 Feb 08

Hi All
nice and easy workout's this week it's cruise week
Trained at 5.15pm
3 Set's Calves

Extreme Stretch

Standing Leg Curl's

Extreme Stretch

Front Squat's

wearing a gum shield not bad teeth :-)

Extreme Stretch

90% Shoulder Cure

Good workout just another to get the blood pumping
Music Guns'N'Roses
Pic's by Nattie Lee
Train Hard Train Smart ROBBIEx

Pic of Tazzie my pick for the Arnold

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sun 10 Feb 08

Hi All did not feel like training this morning well it is Sunday started at 10.30am and at once knew it was going to be a good one
1 All out set of Pullovers 70 reps

Pulldowns to front using V-bar

T-bar row's

Extreme Stretch

Bicep curls off low cable using V-bar

1 All out set reverse curls

Extreme Stretch

Music Warrior Soul
Up on Log book so good work out
Pic's by Nattie Lee
We only have a few Vegan Power T's left and it will be some time before we get some more.Plenty of Dvd's (that URL may well change when the new site goes up)


Fri 8 feb 08

Hi All
trained at 5.15pm Chest/Shoulder,s/Tricep,s
1 All out set of Pec Deck Fly,s 60 reps

Decline Chest Press

Extreme Stretch

Upright Row's

1 All out set side delt raises 1 arm at a time on low cable 30 reps

Extreme Stretch

Tricep Close Grip press

Extreme Stretch

90% Shoulder Cure

Very good work out beat my log book
Music Beastie Boy,s
Pic's by Nattie Lee

Friday, 8 February 2008

Thurs 7 feb 08

Hi All
what a workout smashed my log book on all,the Demon's were riding with me and Nattie Lee today Trained at 5pm
3 Set's of Rock N Burn's for Calves burn was like a full on hotplate.

Extreme Stretch

Stiff Leg Dead Lift's at my body wt might be a world record on last set 6 reps at 100kg's,oh hang on a min my Little Ukrainian girl[125 lb,s body wt] warms up with with 60 kg so maybe not :-)

Extreme Stretch

Leg Extensions

Extreme Stretch

90% Shoulder cure
Music had AC/DC blasting out

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Tues 5 Feb 08

Hi All
trained at 5pm back/biceps very good workout poundages up reps too so burst my log book
Still got a little bit of pain in my left shoulder so went a little bit lighter on precher curls:

Pullover,s 1 gaint set of 70 reps to take the biceps out of play

Pulldown,s wide grip to the front

Rack Dead Lift's

Extreme Stretch

1 Arm cable precher curls

Extreme Stretch

90% Shoulder cure

Monday, 4 February 2008

Sun 2 Feb 08

Hi All
trained today at 11am at Fitness 1ST Exeter a 42,000sq ft gym got all you need and some relaxation area free drinks,arobic room,posing room,spin cycle room,massive cardio area,ab/stretching area,free wt hardcore area,life fitness/hammer strength stack machines
If you ever in the area call in and have a workout if you want membership ask for Dan tell him Robbie sent you and you will get great rates


Pec Deck Flys

Seated Chest Press Extreme Stretch

Seated Shoulder Press

1 Arm side delt raises Extreme Stretch

Tricep Dips

7,s on Pushdowns/over the tops

Extreme Stretch

Rear delt

Cracking w/out as always at Fit 1st
On the way home called in Asda[Walmart] to stock up on boxes of Tofu.
Pic's by The Natural Lee 1 pic is of the supplements I took, not a great pic, but there are over 30!


Saturday, 2 February 2008

Fri 1 Feb 08

Hi All
trained at 3.30pm Legs
Calves Rock N Burn 3 sets Stretch

Standing leg curls Extreme Stretch

Squats Extreme Stretch

90% Shoulder cure
Pic,s by Natural Lee
Very good work out got very tried towards the end be glad to get on my comp diet lol

Thurs 31 Jan 08

Hi All trained at 4.30pm Back/Biceps
Dorian Rows
Rear Delts
1 Arm Dumbell Roes
E/Z-Wide Grip Bicep Curls
Extreme Stretch and 90% Shoulder Cure
Very good work out up on log book


Hi all,
This blog has been started to follow my progress as I train towards contest.
I'll include pictures of me off-season, right up to contest.
In previous years I have competed in Mr Britain, Mr World & Mr Universe contests (amongst many, many others) & even though I'm now over 50 I still manage to improve my condition, size & placing in contests.
Hopefully you’ll find this blog a useful motivator & give you the resolve to reach your goals,

PS Oh yea, the blog is called "Battle Zone" because that is the name of my gym.